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Com-Together: 'The solution Finders'

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An idea

Com-together, it is first of all a quite simple idea, born from a remark of a client:

‘... What a great thing it could be to have one single contact, able to manage my projects with a global and prospective view on all its actors’

Com-Together brought this to reality: we manage your projects, from briefing to delivery:

3 Poles

To ensure a real coherence in our business offer, we have structured Com-Together in 3 poles of competence:

Illustration de création et graphisme

Com To Graphism

Creation & graphism

Illustration de Gestion et suivi de production

Com To Production

Production management

Illustration de digital et interactive solutions

Com To Digital

Digital & Interactive Solutions


Creation & graphism

It’s all about tailor made work:

No ready to use solutions.

Our in house studio of 3 senior graphic designers

enables us to answer quickly and efficiently

to all our clients’ requests.

Com to Graphism

image brochure


Conceptual (slogans, visuals, logos, ...)

or graphical creation (branding guides, brochure

layouts, ppt templates, ...)

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Graphism and layout

Communication tools :

  • ~ Brochures, leaflets, posters,...
  • ~ Direct marketing (paper or web-based,

    see Com To Digital)

  • ~ ...

Com to Production

Print Broking

One idea

Propose to our clients a ‘print broking’ structure

that enables us to manage and follow up the whole production process of a job

right after creation … till delivery.

To achieve this we have built a pool of selected partners

at all production stages (printing, finishing, handling and expedition)

One global vision

One global vision of all your projects, from A to Z

through 1 single contact, at the best prices, timing and quality.

One principle

A multiple tender to our network of selected suppliers.

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Com to Digital

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Digital & Interactive Solutions

At Com-Together, Web solutions and their derivates

as mobile applications (smart phones, iPads, ...)

are not an objective in itself… but tools. Innovative and

flexible tools, but just tools.

In 2015, the iPad (and tablets in general) has become a communication way in itself.

To help our clients to get in touch with this new way to communicate, we have developed a network enabling us to propose a tailor made iPad solution.

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iPad solutions

In order to answer this increasing demand, we

have developed a flexible solution platform enabling

a newly user to take contact with the iPad world of possibilities… at a fairly low

price and in a short timeframe

(2 to 3 weeks development).

  • bullet list dotiPad solutions are not dedicated to multinationals or aux large companies... but also to PME/KMO. Just ask a demo. It does not cost a cent.
  • bullet list dotAs soon as a relation between a commercial representative and a client has to be interactive and innovative, an iPad solution could – should – be developed!
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Light & flexible webdesign solutions

For companies willing to develop a website at a fairly low price with large editing

possibilities (CMS), we can propose an intuitive, efficient and user-friendly solution.

Just ask a demo. It does not cost a cent.