[(together) : (adverb) :
One with others, some with others
Ex: Go on together
Expression: ‘Com… together’ > Com(municate) together ]

It all started with a client’s comment:

“…it would be a real asset for my company to have a single contact able to manage my communication / production projects with a global and prospective view…”

We decided to take him up on it: Com-Together manages your projects from briefing to delivery.

We implement the resources you need, continually evolving according to your requirements.

At your own pace.

You will only pay for the skills you use.

simple and efficient, isn’t it?

Com To Graphic Design

Creation & Graphics

Com To Digital

Digital & Interactive Solutions

Com To Production

Organization, Management & Production Monitoring

3 poles that can be activated on demand,

according to the needs of your project.

In our integrated studio only experienced graphic designers work!

This allows us to deliver tailor-made solutions unlike what’s offered online.

We respond quickly and efficiently … to specific requests from our customers


Graphic design (slogan, visuals, logos, etc.) and graphic creation ((graphic identities, creation of models and brochures, ‘out of the box’ ideas, etc.)

Graphics and sharpening

An array of the selected ideas are translated into the communication tools you need:

brochures, leaflets, posters, POS’s, web, digital

Com To Graphic Design

Creation & Graphics

Com To Digital

Digital & Interactive Solutions

We see the Web, its variations, and mobile applications (smartphones, tablets, etc.) as tools, not as purposes.

Flexible, creative, and interactive tools, and above all as intuitive as possible.

Our interactive and multimedia solutions are therefore always at the service  of the campaign.

They are not  the campaign.

In the age of tablets, we have developed a network of technologcal partnerships enabling us to offer totally “tailor-made” solutions, specifically developed for you.

Tablets Solutions

To meet growing demand, we have developed an original approach allowing us to get in touch with the world of tablets… at a lower cost and within short deadlines (2 to 3 weeks of development).

-> Solutions for tablets are not reserved for multinationals or large companies… they are also accessible to SMEs and smaller structures. 

-> In a dynamic commercial relationship, the tablet has become essential.

It is the interactive support par excellence between the sales representative and the customer.

Light & Flexible web design solutions

Today, it is no longer essential or necessary to go through a website fully developed ‘in code’, necessarily created and managed under the sole influence of the webmaster.

For our customers wishing to have a website at reasonable cost, having the possibility, but this is not an obligation, to manage the updates themselves, Com-Together offers solutions to create an intuitive site in a simple and efficient way.

Let’s talk about it at your convenience, we have some examples to show you.

Com To Production

Organisation, Gestion & Suivi de Production


The idea:

Provide customers with a production structure by ensuring the organizationmanagement, and monitoring of jobs, both upstream to guarantee the quality of the files received, and downstream with the partners responsible for finishing, handling, and shipping.

The benefits are significant:

  • Control of costs by putting providers in competition
  • Selection of the appropriate supplier according to the type of job and / or the deadline
  • Selecting continuous and proactive various stakeholders (printers offset, digital printers, binders, cartoners and other handling workshops, …)
  • Optimization of lead times and prices thanks to production volumes
  • Organization of specific deliveries


Multiple calls for tenders from selected suppliers.

The commitment:

Thanks to this global support, your projects will be managed from A to Z by 1 single contact, in the best quality / price ratios, and with quick deadlines but necessary for this quality.

Some of our clients have an internal studio. They have entrusted us with all their productions for years.

In fact, at Com-Together, they know that their printing will always be taken care of through a multiple call for tenders to our network of suppliers.




Posters & leaflets

Théâtre Royal des Galeries

Posters and invitations

BAROC event




Value for money

Illustrated Book



Grands d’Oc


Vallabrix du temps

Educational file



Online shopping website

Com To Challenge

There remains one last pole which is very important …

Com to Challenge

Our prospects / customers have their heads in the handlebars 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Taking a step back is not easy, due to a lack of time, human resources, (tele) workload …

Don’t hesitate to challenge us!

Our sole desire is to provide you with the best solution and to offer you an out of the box vision.

Com-Together is also positioned as Solution Finder & Developer

Our team

The agency was founded in 2008 by 3 communication experts

Their various professional experiences ‘all horizons’ (pharmaceutical industry, advertising agencies, printing, FMCG) is a strength that they put at the service of their customers..

The agency is made up of:

In summary, a real multidisciplinary approach

How can we help you today?


Challenge us!

scan this QR code and…

Judge by yourself!